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BlackBox has changed the game forever by publicly releasing the indispensable options tools that professional traders covet. Now everyone can have the power of Blackbox alerts at their fingertips, and join our options traders that are crushing it daily! Whether you are new to options trading or experienced and looking for a real trading advantage, become a member and get instant access now...

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User Testimonials


Profit: $6,220.00

“By just listening in on the BlackBox chat, the caliber of knowledge they give you is astonishing! Big thanks to the Top Traders for walking us through the charting and trades! What I learned from them in just a few minutes would take me months, if not years to learn!” -Ryan

Profit: $3,334.53

"Shortly after joining Blackbox I made some amazing intraday trades on Tesla (TSLA), Tilray (TLRY) and Boeing (BA). All 3 trades have netted me a profit north of $1,000 simply by using the smart money option flow features. I love the Blackbox family and I’m looking forward to trading with the team each week." -Wes
Justin Helms

Profit: $1,795.00

"No one trades alone on BlackBox. Their community of day traders has given me incredible insight into the market. I was hungry 2 years ago to grow my financial wellness because I saw my savings just sitting on the sidelines. Since joining Blackbox, I have the tools and team to make winning trades." -Justin Helms

Profit: $1,525.00

"I primarily trade options, and the Blackbox option flow is KILLER! Their seasoned traders always help out, and even call out their trades! There is a solid, methodical approach to the trade selection and analysis. Overall, the experience and solid trading community Blackbox offers is like none other." -Aibesmary


Our intelligent options flow uses advanced logic to show our members what's really moving the market. The data is so fast that we can see the transaction while the person's order is being filled. Before it even hits their account, we see the transaction. That is the power of BlackBoxStocks options flow! When trading options, you want to follow the smart money. For options traders, this information is gold!


BlackBox doesn't just monitor dark pool transactions, we drag them out of the shadows and parade them in real-time for our members advantage. Big money has many resources at their disposal for trading stocks and now, with BlackBox, the playing field is level. Our members can see dark pool transactions and position their own trades accordingly before the market has time to react.


BlackBox is powered by high-speed servers, monitoring over 13,000 stocks and options at the same time, analyzing each tick multiple times per second. Our options algorithms are like those used in extremely profitable high frequency trading strategies. Yet, we have categorized our alerts in a way that makes them easy to follow regardless of experience or trading style.

Yesterday's Top Gainers

Explosive Gains

Our system monitors the NASDAQ, NYSE, and AMEX. We consistently alert our users to the biggest profit opportunities in these markets.

Take a look at the top gainers from yesterday's alert log.

This data is updated daily to allow you to track our system's performance.

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Membership Benefits
Live & Continuing Education

Learn how to trade options with the top rated BlackBox platform using our intelligent Options Flow, Heat Map, Scanners, Advanced Analytics, and moneymaking options strategies for intraday, swing, and scalp trading.

No One Trades Alone

We provide voice enabled live trade rooms, where you can learn from the pros, talk trade strategy with hundreds of experienced traders, and follow the big movers.

Real-Time Alerts
We Find The Action

BlackBox is distinctly different than any other options trading tool on the market. Our system posts options alerts on unusual activity, guiding you to explosive market opportunities in real-time.

Frequently asked questions


Can I get BlackBox options alerts on my phone?

Yes, after becoming a BlackBox member you will be warmly greeted by our team and setup with mobile alerts during the onboarding process.


How long does it take to learn options trading?

On average, we find that traders who are excited to hit the ground running will quickly get up to speed within a few weeks after attending our live online BlackBox Boot Camp, which is available free to all new members.


How much can I make trading options?

Trading options is a skill that takes effort to develop. Most of our new traders start trading as a side hustle, earning while they learn. We often see traders hitting 100% gainers with plenty of success stories of folks now trading for a living with the BlackBox Advantage!


How are you able to offer free education?

Self-proclaimed 'trading gurus' shamelessly charge thousands to watch their cheesy outdated webinars... At BlackBox we offer live continuing education classes and a community of dedicated mentors that provide real life training while the markets are actually trading.


What about the pattern day trading rule?

PDT only affects margin accounts. With a cash account, you can trade as often as you like providing that your account is funded. Options are settled overnight so you can take your gains and reinvest the next business day.


Are there any hidden charges?

No Upselling - No contract obligation... For less than $100.00 a month, we are hands down the best value there is! When you become a member of BlackBox, you have full access to the most exclusive algorithmic trading system publicly available.

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