What’s New at Black Box Stocks

   Options Assignment – Key Points About Selling Options (Part 11)   From the sell side, what is an assignment? Well, we know when we sold the option, we took on the obligation to execute a transaction and shares of stock at the

   Exercise Options – Key Points About Selling Options (Part 10)   This final section here is a bit more simplistic, but some interesting background with respect to exercise and assignment rights and obligations. I already said most contracts are closed before they ever

   Gamma Acceleration – Key Points About Selling Options (Part 9)   This is where I'll get into a bit on Gamma and Vega, when you sell options you're selling Gamma. First of what is Gamma? Gamma is the acceleration of your Delta. Delta’s

   Theta Time Decay – Key Points About Selling Options (Part 8)   Let's flip into the Greeks and look at what it means to have Greek positions from the sell side. And what kind of exposures are there. First, Theta; this is the

   Cash Secured Put – Key Points About Selling Options (Part 7)   Cash secured put, one of the other most popular trades out there. It's just like the naked put except you have the cash on hand. This is usually done, it's undoubtedly done,

   Options Time Value – Key Points About Selling Options (Part 5)   Now, once we reach expiration time all ‘at the money’ and ‘out of the money’ options are going to expire worthless. They'll have no value, so once expiration is reached time

   Moneyness – Key Points About Selling Options (Part 4)   Some key terminology, a couple slides here on that, before we get into strategy because I'm going to reference these terms ‘in the money’, ‘at the money’ and ‘out-of-the-money’. Certainly, may have